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If a fake, a falsehood, is the best hard evidence for the theory of dino-bird evolution, isn't it a wonder why more people don't stand back and say, 'Maybe we were a bit hasty in putting our trust in something for which the best evidence is a lie.' Maybe then they they could go off and consider how implausible, impossible even, that feathers could have evolved from scales, or the birds' unique respiratory system could have evolved.

But don't forget: NO INTERMEDIARY = NO EVOLUTION Dennis and I have communicated separately regarding the cup of '‘oe’.

After praying much and careful Bible study I decide to escape a little and catch up on the latest scientific discoveries and their marvelous Biblical perspectives.

There’s no basis for saying it was a ‘slow’ flyer, with ‘slow’ take-offs. “The black-footed cat (, the researchers point out that “monitor lizards and various snakes consume birds in both arboreal and terrestrial contexts.” So there’s no reason why dinosaurs couldn’t have captured flight-capable birds, either. Dinosaurs ate adult, flight-capable birds—one can imagine the angst this generates amongst the evolutionary fraternity behind the dinos-gave-rise-to-birds idea.

To be fair to the supporters of the evolutionary paradigm, not all proponents of evolution agreed with the above (and many other) proclamations that birds evolved from dinosaurs.

Most notable of these was avian paleobiologist Alan Feduccia.

For example the researchers referred to and other Jehol birds were not as well adapted for flight as modern aves”.

(The term ‘Jehol’ is used by evolutionists to refer to all creatures represented in the fossils of northeastern China ‘dated’ to around 120–133 million years ago.) As the news media relayed it: “The primitive birds were probably limited to slow take-offs and short flights”, “had not yet mastered the art of fast take-offs”, being “slow-flying birds”.

The excuse for this sort of thing, which has been around since Darwin first published his excuse-filled book, is that those types of dinosaurs just didn’t happen to be preserved in the “earlier” strata.

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