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Whilst the number of recorded pirate radio stations was in the hundreds, only a few have been notable enough to be remembered.This is because at different stages, pirate stations were the mainstay of radio listenership, particularly in Dublin.Pirate radio in Ireland has had a long history, with hundreds of radio stations having operated from within the country.

A recent government crackdown now means Ireland has one of the most hardline anti-pirate policies in Europe, and few major stations survive. In the 1980s however, most major stations broadcast on both MW and FM.(A few months after this move the high end of the FM band became populated by transmitters for the almost national roll-out of Newstalk radio, which previously broadcast to Dublin only).The 2006 controversy made international news, after the issue was aired on RTÉ's Liveline radio show.Com Reg had much more funding, staff and resources than its predecessor – and these were put to use in May 2003, when a major crackdown on Dublin pirates saw virtually every station wiped off the band.This series of raids, which was conducted over two days and involved Garda Síochána officers and ESB staff, was referred to as "Black Tuesday" by the free radio community.There have also been several shortwave pirate stations in Ireland, but pirate shortwave broadcasting has declined greatly, as with SW broadcasting in general. One of the first stations was Radio Milinda which broadcast on 300 metres MW.

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