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If you are taking your only chance to prevent me from telling about the DVD to our parents, send me a reply saying you are agree to be my slave.

And to prove your submissiveness, I need you to remove your panties and keep it on the table which is on our corridor (I'm talking about the outdoor table which we are using to have our evening tea).

And one another thing, do not wear a panty when you come to have the tea today. She was stunned for a moment, and re-checked the sender of that email to make sure it is from Rex.

You must not wear any panties for the rest of the day. She just looked at the mail over and over again and was very furious about her brother.

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And she fixed her gown straps on her shoulder which was misplaced from her exercises.

If you do not meet with what I demand, our deal is over and I'll show you little kinky DVD to our parents. Remember always to address me properly as I mentioned in the point 1, when you send me a mail.4.

Obeying me or not obeying me is completely up to you. Today I'm giving you a little test to see if you would like our agreement or not. At the end of your every email, you must put the word 'Slave Kathy'.

But I want something in return.""What do you want from me Rex? I want you to totally surrender to me today onwards. Bill and Bailey using the master bed room which is close to Kathy's room. She heard the Rex entered his room and closed the door.

That means you have to do whatever I told you to do and whenever I told you to do. Rex's room is far away from those 2 rooms and it is facing to Kathy's room. After a while she heard the water falling noise from shower in the Rex's room.

I'll take it from there before mom and dad arrives to arrange the tea. If you are going to agree, you can start composing your reply now and remove your panties.

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