Updating creative media source


The X-Fi Style comes in capacities of 8, 16, and 32 GB.

The player features a 2.4-inch display, video out, X-Fi technology, a built-in speaker, FM radio, alarm clock, calendar and voice recorder.

All players support MP3 and WMA formats, while some models support also WAV and Audible formats.

They are bundled with device drivers and Creative Media Source, a media player that includes transferring and syncing abilities exclusively for the players.

Unfortunately, the Zen Style is not compatible with Napster-To-Go feature. It includes many features of the X-Fi, including flash memory, X-Fi audio enhancements, and expandable memory.

The "compression" that is meant here is not the digital file-size reduction achieved by digital audio data compression technologies like for example mp3.Both the 100 and 300 models have the same portrait design similar to Creative's ZEN Mozaic, as well as the same sized screen as the Mozaic, at 1.8-inches.The series features an alarm, calendar, voice recorder, and video and photo support.A firmware to update the player to Android 2.2 was released by Creative on the 26 of April.With the update, the ZEN Touch 2 now support Flash and also Audible content for certain region.Explore our collection of hundreds of Adobe Creative Cloud tutorials.

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