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The game weaves an epic story that spans your character’s life from childhood on.Combat feels like a fluid dance, thanks to the melee, magic, and ranged attacks you can string together with ease.The final game, Wizardry 8, launched 20 years later.It mixes sci-fi trappings with traditional fantasy fare, so you have a smattering of guns and aliens alongside swords and spells.And once you reached the level cap, you could roll a new kind of character with a different play style to tide yourself over until the next expansion arrived.The MMO genre eventually evolved and branched off in many directions, leaving Ever Quest feeling rooted in the past.And let’s not forget the real star of the show: your lovable canine companion.When done right, dungeon crawlers create a sense of momentum as you hack through monsters, pick up the loot they drop, equip any high-level gear, and move on to do it again.

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RPG franchises don’t get much older than Wizardry, a series that kicked off back in 1981.

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Layer on a choice of 15 classes, and you end up with a stunning number of combinations to try in your party.

Unlike The Elder Scrolls, which offers similar character options, Wizardry 8 lets you customize six party members instead of just one.

Titan Quest is often shrugged off as just another Diablo clone.

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