Be2 dating complaints

I am looking to find a companion to spend what years of life I have left.. I paid for 1 month and ended up paying for 6 at higher prices... I had to laugh I was just reading a review of Top Australian Dating Sites and Be2 scored 9.3 out of 10 lol.

What happens is they offer a free month but then charge you immediately for a year.

I received generic emails then another email basically saying I didn't read the small print.

Filled with fake profiles, same picture for 20 or so different profiles. Joined for and they took , had to cancel my debit card.I explained that I had misunderstood and was told to write a letter.Well, I had already emailed so why should I have to write a letter??So I actually did this, with no result forthcoming.Even if you do try to use the site which I have never been able to do, it is very dodgy.they need to be stopped I have used several dating sites and this one has to be the pits.

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