Complaints against the right one dating service

NO cancellation fees may be imposed if the contract is cancelled within this period.Suspending the Contract – Consumers must be given the right to put their contract on hold for a period of at least one year, upon their request.Complaints Before agreeing to pay any dating service, determine what you can reasonably expect the company to do for you.If the company fails to meet your expectations, or does not comply with any portion of the written agreement, it is very important that you file a complaint about that business.That's exactly what happened to Kate, a single woman in Houston, Texas. Matchmaking services are companies that promise to introduce people to local singles that meet certain criteria. Generally these dating services require that you sign a membership and pay a monthly fee.(She didn't want her real name to be used.) Kate joined an online Christian dating site after a friend recommended it. More than 63 percent of complaints were about accounts that were automatically renewed after a contract or trial period expired.

Cancellation – All contracts for social referral services must allow the consumer to cancel the service within three business days.And to read reviews of these online dating sites from subscribers, check out Date Remember, there is no law requiring dating sites verify the identity of members or to run criminal background checks on them.However, each year the BBB receives many complaints from consumers who, after spending several hundred dollars, are no closer to finding true love than they were before.To avoid this problem, the BBB recommends that you research the companies you are considering and understand on the outset that no one can guarantee to find you a perfect partner.So you'll want to look into the dating service's policies regarding background checks or account suspensions for suspicious behavior.

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