Dating and conversation


Talking about her failed dreams of being a ballet princess will be a lot more fun for both of you then hearing the ins and outs of real estate development.

Keep in mind whatever question you ask may get thrown back at you.

That’s why one of the most important pieces of dating advice for men to use is to keep the conversation light and fun.

You also don’t want to have the same boring first date conversation she has with every other guy.

You'll also have the opportunity to follow up with comments or questions about their experience that can lead you to deeper understandings and insights. Don't share about the time you threw up all over your tell a story and share a memory of your favorite birthday party. (My basic tip is to try to speak about positive personal experiences as opposed to negative ones, as sharing negative experiences might leave someone with a negative impression of you.) 5. Sometimes discovering how you are similar can help you to see where you connect.

But differences can make the relationship interesting or challenging.

No matter the goal it’s imperative to create a comfortable and fun environment that allows her to feel good being around you. On the first date you’re just out to have a good time and get to know each other.

You don’t have to find out all of her hopes, dreams, and deep dark secrets and she doesn’t need to know yours.

As she’s remembering and talking about these experiences she’ll begin to feel them.

If the conversation flows that way naturally and you’re both comfortable sharing that kind of information, then go ahead and roll with it.

However it’s not as important to know everything about her as it is to simply get a feel for what she’s like.

She doesn’t want to just talk about work and take turns listing off a bunch of boring life facts.

You want to get her talking about things she finds engaging and exciting as that will set the tone for the date.

One way to keep the conversation enjoyable is to make references that get her talking about positive experiences she has had or would like to have.

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