Phone dating in tennessee

ADT says it will not approach its customers this way.If you suspect a scam, ADT provides the following contact numbers on its website: (Home Sales) 800-521-0772 and (Billing and Service) 800-280-6946.In the case of hurricane victims in Texas, some people are receiving calls that their flood insurance premiums are overdue.Fake charities are also appearing online, including email and social networks.Added June 19, 2017 Knoxville's WATE warns that the "grandparent scam" of a grandchild supposedly in danger is taking advantage of social media to find new victims.

As is often true, the scammer demanded payment using a prepaid money card, this one a Green Dot Visa card; the numbers are provided over the phone.WMC Action News 5 out of Memphis warns that a group of men are going door-to-door, pretending to be ADT workers.They are removing actual ADT equipment and replacing it with something else while fooling people into signing a document."Officials expect more Harvey-related fraud in the coming months as recovery efforts get under way," warns the report.Read the full story, which ends with ways to report suspected disaster fraud.Tennessee seniors deserve better than to be victimized in what should be their golden years.

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