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Regards, kcbuck Your guitar appears (By the serial number) was made in Unsung factory in South Korea in 2002.

Around this time, the serial numbers became a bit unpredictable, as they were figuring out a new system. Bolt-neck models started having the serial number engraved into the neckplate in 1987.

They kept the same format, so the decade is determined by the style of neck plate.

Epiphone is one of the widely known guitar manufacturers.

Originally an independent brand, Epiphone was bought by Gibson Guitar in 1957.

If you go to the above site and post some clear photographs of the back of headstock showing the serial number clearly, front of the headstock showing all details and side of the headstock where any binding meets the first fret, also a clear shot of the guitar straight on showing clearly the control knobs, and if possible a clear shot of the control cavity showing the pots. The breakdown of the serial number read left to right is; U = Factory (Unsung plant South Korea) 02 = Year (2002) 10 = Month (October) 0726 = Production number Some more info here. here. here./topic/54419-id-your-epiphone-here-serial-key-guitardater-link-factory-codes-a-worldwide-guide-part-3/page__st__380__p__968094#entry968094 The Guitar serial dater isn't that accurate and there are many 'Fake' Epiphone's and Gibson's out there that have serial numbers that fit the description but in fact are Fakes from China. KC It appears there is a Limited edition Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul on this page (The Trans Blue LP) I'm not sure what 'Limited Edition' really means in the true context.Ok so I bought an epiphone sheraton ii on Craigslist. But on closer inspection, when I looked inside the hole in the body at the serial number, there was something like a piece of tape covering the serial Number with a bunch of numbers on it.I removed it, and underneath it was apparently a different detail number. The serial number will generally be nine to 10 digits long, with the first being a letter. This letter represents in which country the guitar comes from, as well as the company who manufactured it.

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