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More recently, apps that are devoted to HIV-positive singles are now available as well.

Hzone calls itself the number one dating app HIV singles.

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If you're HIV-positive, sure, some people will be frightened away by HIV, but I've found that there are manifold HIV negative people out there willing to overlook your HIV status.

The infected partner will have slightly more trips to the doctor, and probably more healthcare bills.

But other than that, your lives won't be that different. Department of Veteran Affairs answers questions about whether a couple can have an HIV negative baby when one of the partners is HIV-positive.

Yes, there are a myriad of handy dating sites and apps devoted to meeting positive single adults—but why sell yourself short and ignore all of the HIV negative prospects?

The chemistry that is the driving force behind love will run its course whether or not both partners are healthy —believe me.

It's really about competing with her ambition and needs someone strong enough to be second in her life.

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