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He even hands over his account number and sort code, before checking up on her to ensure she paid up.

And the dating-dunce offered some pearls of wisdom too, writing: "Next time be more honest and direct and tell people exactly what you feel."The texts were posted on Twitter by a friend of the girl, Luke Mackay.

China accepts only about 34 international films a year.

This is a film based on the wildly popular mobile game which has also enjoyed great popularity in the Middle Kingdom. It speaks very strongly to the continued popularity of the ‘Angry Birds’ global brand and the quality and appeal of (the film),” said Tommy Korpinen, President, Rovio Animation. “The Chinese government manages the number of international releases in the market and there is a rigorous process to get a movie approved for release.

" Persisting, he tells the girl he wants to show off his cooking skills and suggests another get-together, only to be told she is busy.

But he fails to take the hint and asks again when she is free, making her say: "I don't think we are right for each other so would not want to waste your time!

Continue Reading → Demi Lovato has released a cosmetic and sportswear line, but now it looks like she is trying her hand in designing lingerie.

The film will be marketed and brought to the cinemas throughout the country by 1905 Pictures and will have its China premiere at the Beijing National Stadium “Bird’s Nest,” which hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics.

The voice cast also includes Maya Rudolph, Bill Hader, Peter Dinklage, Kate Mc Kinnon, and Sean Penn, to name a few.

Demi Lovato may want to sharpen her claws for what could be a serious cat fight.

The smaller races didn’t garner quite as much celebrity attention, but a few stars were paying attention.

Continue Reading → Demi Lovato may be a seeing someone she didn’t expect to see while touring with DJ Khaled.

The singer visited Mexico’s controversial animal foundation Black Jaguar White Tiger earlier this week and took to social media to show off a moment she had with a lion cub.

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