Niche dating website


Now, he's building a site named after one of the most unpopular presidents in US history. Goss, who's married and lives in the Santa Clarita Valley of California, isn't the only entrepreneur to stumble into the world of online dating.

Over the past few decades, sites devoted to matching people interested in all manner of topics have popped up.

And, he figured, it would make for a fun thing to do until the nomination.

This site is for platonic pet lovers who feel that compatibility doesn’t stop with the bipeds involved; a true soul mate must love Scruffy as well.But can you really put a price tag on scientifically validated love?Since its launch in 2000, Cupid Media has helped more than 30 million people look for love and grown from strength to strength, becoming one of the top niche dating networks in the world."One of the potential pitfalls of online dating sites are that they encourage us to be more selective in not necessarily productive ways," she said.Often people end up choosing or dismissing people who have characteristics that don't really matter in the end.Not shockingly, the founders of this Denmark-based company recently came under fire for dumping 30,000 “ugly” ogres that slipped through the cracks when a virus called Shrek attacked its system. At Brainiac Dating you’ll have your pick of single smarties looking for love.

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