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Using money obtained throughout the game, the player may purchase unlockable characters, alternate character costumes, minigames, character profiles, movies, illustrations, and background music.Once purchased, the latter four are viewable in a gallery.The red sections of the life gauges represent recently received damage that can be regenerated when characters are switched.

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It is the seventh Capcom-designed installment in their Vs.On top of that we wanted a good balance between male and female characters." Selection emphasis was placed on main characters, rather than on villains.Certain characters were denied by Tatsunoko Production without explanation to Capcom.However, the team faced limitations on its Tatsunoko candidates; Niitsuma explained, "[We] had to consider licensing issues.Once we had that list we had to figure out how to make a balanced fighting game.Rank is decided by battle points, which fluctuate when a ranked match is won or lost.

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