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We define as Classic anything over 15 years old, but nobody will turn up their nose if you arrive on something more modern, as your daily ride.

Many members have projects that haven't left the shed yet...

Our monthly meeting venue is Ye Olde Hotel in Leuchars.You can tag posts, preview them, set a post date for drafts, and enable or disable comments.One thing you don't get, however, is a large community of linked blog users like those found in Tumblr, and Blogger.You can only add one page of the Blog type, and this comes preloaded with an RSS button and dummy Welcome post.To add subsequent posts, you hit the main toolbar's Blog button, and you're taken into the straightforward blog post editor that makes simple text or multi-image posts a snap.Here, tapping the Admin button lets you edit site info like its title and meta keywords.

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