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Ray has lived in the same farm house since he was five years old.“Wilma came about ten miles that day in a horse and buggy not knowing it was all going to be worth it,” Ray quips during a front porch conversation on a warm September morning. The Yoders are the proud parents of four children between the ages of 43 and 58.Ray and Wilma will celebrate their 61st wedding anniversary on Oct. In the 1960s Ray became a factory worker at the now- defunct Globemaster Mobile Homes in Goshen before snagging a job delivering motor homes from manufacturer to dealers in Elkhart, the RV capital of the world.

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Even if you waited until nine at night you’d have the grilled chicken dinner…The eighth, final stop,would be the cider float. She always knows us.” Ray maintains the Amish population birthed the RV industry in Elkhart. “One Amish guy will know a neighbor down the road looking for a job and they bring them in. I’d say about 80 per cent of the workers were Amish when I started in the RV industry (in the late 1960s).” Indeed, in June, Allison Yates of Atlas Obscura wrote a story “Why the Amish are Building America’s RV’s (They’re forbidden from driving them, but not making them)” and pointed out the Amish of Northern Indiana have never been as isolated as other Amish communities in America. As a surprise, Cracker Barrel flew Ray and Wilma to the Cracker Barrel grand opening in Tualatin, just outside of Portland, Or. The Nashville-based chain previously had only ventured as far west as Boise, Id.You go to work at four in the morning and work hard at it. “All the employees were waiting for us to make our appearance,” Ray says. I told them I could drive to O’Hare airport (in Chicago.) I’ve done that before. I thought he was better looking.” Ray continues, “I was never into alcohol. You pick them and you stay together.” And that has been the old country creed for Ray and Wilma Yoder as they seen America through the wide open windows of an RV and the comforting heart of a Cracker Barrel.But they came with one of those limo cars and took us to O’Hare.” As a 17-year-old, Wilma was attracted to Ray for his homespun values. Not that needs to be brag, but I did enough other things. In mid-life you have two or three jobs, you have a little family and you have to work at that. TROIS-RIVIERES, QUEBEC, CANADA—Like all great tiki establishments, the Hotel-Motel Coconut remains true to its original vision.He once ranked third in the Indiana State Table Tennis Tournament and these days he travels to Branson, Mo. Gerry and Madelaine Landry opened the Coconut in 1961 in Trois-Riviers (Three-Rivers), a 90 mile drive north of Montreal.They wanted the Coconut to capture the spirit of their Tahitian honeymoon.Do other websites or stores sell authentic, new Doublebone merchandise?

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