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Never got the names (or rather forgot them) so this is why I have tried at best to describe them. Business was busy however, and girls were waiting for vacant rooms..5-10 minutes extra was the maximum.

Have done it before, and it takes it's toll, and takes me out of "my game" jaja The morena behind the bar is hot, and speaks english fine, and translated for them when they needed to speak specifics with the girls.

Lastly, speaking of the girls, there was a very very very hot blond chica. From San Miguel...which is rare.most are trequina or morena..of course, attracted a lot of attention, and she knew she comannded it.

I admired her and spoke w/her, but declined her services, as she was on the top 1-3 in terms of demand.

There are 3 rows of same mentioned cusioned chairs facing the front of the stage, as well as cusioned couches on one side of the wall, that at times had up to 20 guys/girls sitting in.

The opposite wall had a staionary cusion seating that ran from the bar to the end of the stage, enough to accomadate 20-30 people.

She eye fucked me throughout the night, and that was about all it took. Claimed she had a boyfriend in New York, but wanted to "leave him" for me. FS, and let me enter the rear by her own suggestions. I must admit, my mongering activities were centralized soley and specifically to Tony's during my stay there.

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