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The Air Force Safety Agency is responsible for maintaining reports of air accidents.

We examined its microfilm records to determine whether any air accidents had been reported in New Mexico during July 1947.

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According to an Army records management official, in 1947 Army regulations required that air accident reports be maintained permanently.2 These records do not include information regarding mishaps of air vehicles belonging to civilian or other government agencies.These records also do not include mishaps involving unmanned air vehicles such as remotely piloted aircraft, low-speed cruise missiles, and most balloons.We conducted an extensive search for government records related to the crash near Roswell.We examined a wide range of classified and unclassified documents dating from July 1947 through the 1950s.We identified four air accidents during this time period.2 All of the accidents involved military fighter or cargo aircraft and occurred after July 8, 1947-- the date the RAAF public information office first reported the crash and recovery of a "flying disc" near Roswell.

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