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A new tunnel, running behind North Station and the new TD Garden (which replaced the Boston Garden) and connecting to a new underground Green Line and Orange Line transfer station, was built to replace it.

Bus shuttle service ran from Government Center (Scollay Square) to Lechmere from June 2004 until November 12, 2005 during the final stages of construction.

As of 2017, regular "C" service turns around at North Station.

The "D," "Riverside" or "Highland" Branch is the southernmost of the three lines that separate west of Kenmore.

No branches had used the Canal Street Portal except as a terminal since 1949 with the 93 or the Pleasant Street Portal since 1961 with the 43, and a shuttle until 1962.

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The Green Line tunnels through Downtown Boston and the Back Bay are collectively referred to as the Central Subway.

It runs underground through downtown Boston, and on the surface on several radial boulevards and into inner suburbs.

With a daily weekday ridership of over 232,000 in 2015, it is the most heavily used light rail system in the country.

All trains except "E" also stop at Hynes Convention Center and Kenmore. The "B", "Boston College" or "Commonwealth Avenue" Branch is the northernmost of the three lines that split west of Kenmore.

It travels west down the middle of Commonwealth Avenue, ending at Boston College.

It is the longest branch, ending in Newton at Riverside.

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