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All of the 15mm ranges formally at our 15mmcouk website are now on this website under three drop menu tabs above; Historical, Fantasy and Science Fiction.

You can find details and a list of transferred section links on the BLOG.

Go HERE on and look for links for free articles for them in Flintloque and in Patrol Angis too.

The stuff of nightmares and now in resin at a new lower price EH01 The Flower of Evil.

The Crystal Elf Empire returns to Alternative Armies. Over sixty poses of High Elves by top quality sculptors back in the 1990's and all in white metal.

Single Figures, Packs, Multitudes and saver options too.

An officer or a deserter he is armed with a Kannonderbuss and a stone topped club.

Click through to learn more and to download a free Uniformation article for using this character in the games. As well as this you can now get all of the characters from 5005 Lady Wintermores Fangs set as singles (Ivan, Lamia and the rest) and there is a free download of the scenario booklet too provided by Orcs in the Webbe for 3rd edition Flintloque.

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With his first code Zac Martin adds Armoured Goblin Artillery which goes with your Armoured Goblin Warriors, Command and Dodo Riders (FL1, FL2 and OH30).

The first of two Flintloque and Slaughterloo releases this month. Go to our BLOG to read it all and download the bundle. Now released for Flintloque and Slaughterloo with a free article to download. Now at Alternative Armies the classic 28mm white metal figure range for Fantasy Warlord.

You can also purchase the Camel and the Gnoll on their own for use in any other setting. See it on the BLOG or go HERE for all the miniatures. From the dawn of the 1990's an excellent high fantasy range of characters, packs, weapons and more. Now released two complete 250 point starter armies as well as a mega bundle, bases and beginners scenario all for Furioso the game of Renaissance Warfare written by Steve Danes.

For use in Flintloque and Slaughterloo the Nepolise Mountain Artillery are here with their pop gun 2lb cannon.

Go to our BLOG for stats in play or click the links for the new codes.

The exhibition area was a record-breaking 49,360 square meters (plus 20 percent).

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