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African Grays typically lay from one to three eggs per clutch; so ensuring that you get two or three each breeding not only makes your efforts more efficient, it also maximizes your profits from the sale of young Grays.Fortunately, African Grays breed all year round, so it’s possible to have multiple clutches in a single year.

Now, some dealers may try to sell you a pair of birds packaged as “bonded” (in human terms, bonded may refer to being “in a relationship”); however, it would be prudent if you verify this for yourself.The popularity of African Gray Parrots holds a lot of potential for owners looking to support their passion for the bird by becoming a breeder and trader of African Grays.The good news is that this endeavor can become very lucrative if carried out carefully; however, there are no hard and fast guidelines that are 100% foolproof to make such an enterprise a success.The reason for this uncertainty is rooted in the birds having relatively more complex personalities than other species, and it is this same interesting trait that makes them unpredictable.What can apply to a certain individual bird may not hold true for another.Ideally, a breeder should limit his or her hen to two clutches per year, spaced adequately, to allow her to properly recuperate between each breeding.

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