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He was known for his roles as the goofy, accident-prone nice guy on such shows as 'The Ann Sothern Show', 'Ensign O'Toole', 'My Living Doll' and 'It's About Time'.

Edward Faulkner, who played Brad Bentley, was a favorite of John Wayne's and worked with him often in films such as 'Mc Lintock!

She was the head costume designer for the 1976 Barbra Streisand version of 'A Star Is Born'.

Loyal Griggs was the cinematographer on 'Tickle Me' as he had been for 'G. The film was set at a desert guest ranch owned by the character Vera Radford, who was played by Julie Adams. Later in her career, she would become well known for her recurring roles on TV series such as 'General Hospital', 'Captiol', 'Code Red' and 'Murder She Wrote'.'Tickle Me' was Elvis' eighteenth film and was made for Allied Artists.This movie was at one time tentatively titled 'Rodeo' and then 'Isle of Paradise'. Elvis stars as Lonnie Beale, a singing rodeo cowboy who moonlights as a handyman at a beauty spa.She was aptly played by Merry Anders who began modeling and acting while still in high school. Dabney, who couldn't quite keep their meal on their plates due to the antics of Mrs. Grady Sutton, a native of Tennessee, broke into movies in 1924, beginning a 55-year career that included over 200 movie roles.She began her acting career in 1951 and might be best remembered for her recurring roles in the 'Stu Erwin Show', 'Gunsmoke' and 'Dragnet'. In a movie about women one might expect a greater bevy of beautiful ladies than in most Elvis movies. View photos from the movie : Tickle Me Buy Tickle Me DVD Buy Elvis 75th Anniversary Collection (17 films) DVD Set [NTSC Format] Buy Elvis DVD Movies Buy DVD Movie Box Sets Buy Tickle Me FTD Special Edition CD Buy Elvis In Tickle Me Book Buy The Elvis Files Volume 1, 1953-1956 Buy The Elvis Files Volume 2, 1957-1959 Buy The Elvis Files Volume 3, 1960-1964 Buy The Elvis Files Volume 4, 1965-1968 Buy The Elvis Files Volume 5, 1969-1970 Buy The Elvis Files Volume 6, 1971-1973 Buy The Elvis Files Volume 7, 1974-1977 The 'parade' footage is good to see as it puts you in the right context with color and b&w footage.The script was written by Edward Bernds and Elwood Ullman. Bernds had 95 film credits as a director and 86 as a sound engineer, as well as 52 screenplays including his 1957 Academy Award nominated "High Society". ' Starting his career in the mid 1920s in the special effects department of Paramount, he won an Academy Award in 1954 for 'Shane'.

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