Aquarius man dating a leo woman


On the other hand the individuality and the brilliant mind of the Aquarius woman may prove to be equally irresistible to the Leo man who will be keen to know this singular personality even better.

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However the originality of the Aquarius personality which had initially caught the attention of the Leo man might soon seem to him too colorful for comfort.Leo Woman and Aquarius Man The chief point of attraction between the female Leo and male Aquarius will be their mutual ability to be inspired by high-flying ideas and ambitious projects.Neither is motivated by merely material or financial benefits though a Leo likes to live a life of luxury.The Leo man would recognize the intellectual prowess of his Aquarius partner and appreciate her ability to anticipate the philosophies and sciences of the future.In fact the Lion as a fire sign is himself able to be inspired by important projects and ideas.This is because despite all his passion and ardor, the Leo is deeply concerned with his public image.

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