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Kaleidoscope social workers seek to facilitate family-school intensive partnerships that also focus on social and emotional skill development and meaningful change for referred youth.This study sought to add to the early intervention literature by describing this program model and examining its effectiveness.Specifically, the goals of Kaleidoscope program, which has been in existence for more than 7 years are to reduce suspensions and disciplinary occurrences by improving students’ social, behavioral, and emotional skills.Kaleidoscope simultaneously works in the classroom as well as in the home to increase parental involvement in schools as well as support positive parenting.A 90-minute focus group session was conducted with Kaleidoscope program staff with the intent of understanding how the program functions and the specific services and supports offered to students and their families.This presentation will highlight key findings which have yielded a rich description of the critical components of the Kaleidoscope early intervention program model and why the model is important for the success of at-risk students.Heidi Cornell is a doctoral candidate in Special Education at Indiana University.

Some people document their progress through flowers bought (daisy, lily, rose), money spent (coffee, dinner, diamonds) or number of dates before sex. strands that are connected with the conference theme.The Kaleidoscope program is an early intervention program in a large Midwestern school district designed for students who are behaviorally at-risk.However, according to Reddy and his colleagues (2009), additional efficacy and effectiveness research that examines the impact of school programs in home and school are still needed.Aligned with the urgent need in the field for more research on early intervention programs that connect home and school components, the current study examined the functions, services and supports of the Kaleidoscope early intervention program, as well as broad program outcomes using existing program data. ” Before Robbins could get to Cornell, his bodyguard Martin Kirsten stopped her. Robbins was then detained by an officer outside the venue, a source told us, and she “looked at security and said, ‘You don’t know who the fuck I am, do you? Alternative Nation’s comments section was allegedly one of Robbins’ places she posted her disturbing messages, as I’ve had to send screenshots of countless comments that shook me to my core.

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