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In most states we cover more than four areas of law, so that the guide overall covers 45 different practice areas on a state and national level.Rankings at state-level are based upon the location in which a firm or lawyer practices regardless of where the clients, deals, and cases take place.To expand your job search it can be helpful to search within each department.Below are some on-campus departments that generally employ a large number of students annually: Housing University Recreation Compton Union Building (CUB) WSU Creamery Don’t be afraid to get out there and ask departments if they are hiring or plan to hire in the future.Making this connection could potentially increase your chances of finding employment.In addition, if you have a work-study award relay this information to the potential on-campus employer, as it may make a difference in the type of employment opportunities available to you.There are jobs available, both work-study and non work-study, ranging in pay, responsibility, and time commitments.It is possible for students who do not receive financial aid due to ineligibility or other circumstances to successfully find employment and pay for many of their educational expenses by working and earning a paycheck.

In this type of situation, it would most-likely be a scam attempt.This is an exciting update that will improve your experience as a student seeking a job or an employer recruiting WSU students! Employers can sign up for an account and add Washington State University as a recruitment school. Please go to the Student Help Center and Employer Help Center to learn how to use Handshake.Disclaimer: As you apply for positions on Handshake, please be mindful of possible scams.It is neither a grant, as you must work to earn it, nor a loan, as you do not have to pay it back.However, funds are limited and you must have need eligibility determined from the FAFSA in order to receive work-study.Handshake: The New and Improved Employment Resource Website!

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