Updating cell phone sites


We periodically release Windows Phone software updates to add new features you've asked for and to maximize your phone's performance.When a software update is available for you to download, we'll notify you so you can download it directly to your phone over a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection.Knee says that may even help local police identify possible accidents: if traffic seems to be flowing fine in a particular spot and then suddenly stops, there's a good chance that an accident has happened.In order for this system to work, the cell phones don't have to be in use—they just have to be turned on.That information's fed into a computer, where it's processed to interpret how traffic's moving on major roads.The complete system includes improved traffic cameras and will be tested in Knoxville over the next year.

Since cell phones each have unique identifiers, it's possible to track the movement of a particular cell phone as it travels around a city.

Knee says the system should spot accidents and predict traffic jams in stretches of road as short as a quarter of a mile.

For the American Association for the Advancement of Science, I'm Bob Hirshon.

A typical cell is 10 square miles, but they can be smaller or bigger depending on the population of an area.

Just like an airplane passes from one air traffic control tower to another, a cell phone is handed off from one communication tower to the next as it moves through a city's cells.

Several organizations are taking advantage of the down time on people's personal computers by offering free screensavers that process scientific data.

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