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Intensive Outpatient Program offers individual and group therapies to children who have a history of trauma or crisis but are not actively suicidal.School-based counseling services provided to county public and Catholic Schools by an embedded counselor- includes individual, group, and school wide consultative services.

Respite care services provided through SFFC have given parents the time and opportunity to seek mental health services, complete drug rehabilitation programs, set up day-care, job search, and seek out permanent housing.

When you leave school, take a reliable route to wherever you are going.

For example, don’t take a ride from someone you don’t know that well or travel alone when you aren’t too sure of where you’re going. Although being home alone during the day or at night can be fun, it means you are in charge of your house or apartment for the time being.

If you or someone you know is threatened by another student, take them seriously.

If in doubt on what to do in a situation like that, discuss it with your parents or someone you feel comfortable with, possibly a guidance counselor.

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