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He said traffickers likely look for children who exhibit signs of neglect, such as the child who gets picked up late from school or who is not dressed appropriately for the weather.

“Another aspect is the particular background in which someone is raised, “ Vigen said.

“For whatever reason, if you want to say it’s the casinos (attracting) them, or the I-20 corridor.

We’re so close to Jackson, Miss., and Dallas, and the girls are transient.

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“Ninety-five percent of prostitution is through Backpage nowadays. “Backpage made approximately million off those ads last year.” And shockingly, is legal.Many are threatened, manipulated, brainwashed and beaten into performing sex acts for money.And perhaps most alarming: children are being abused and forced into sex slavery.“Often the men are very seductive in the fact that they’re very flattering and give lots of attention.They groom them.” Danita Wynes, a psychology doctoral candidate, has conducted extensive research on gang members, who sometimes traffic young women as part of gang initiation.It’s difficult for some to grasp that sex trafficking is happening in Louisiana, let alone in Shreveport-Bossier City, but a reason for this reaction is due to the lack of knowledge about trafficking.

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