Signup I've known a lot of people who just cannot spend the night with a woman without getting attached to them.

Without these guidelines, the sexual connection will fail because of unintended affections, hurt feelings and other undesirable consequences.

I feel like I'm in control of my emotions, and it doesn't mean that I don't enjoy that bit of companionship.

I just make the most out of what I get and I only have good memories and no regrets!

You're here to "get it on", so we offer you thousands of naughty members who are also seeking steamy casual encounters! Though this one would seem like a story you only get to see in the movies, the reality is that lots of people these days are already engaging in sex buddy relationships.

But really, there's nothing wrong with having sex buddies.

Forget about fancy restaurants and try something informal like going for a coffee just so that you have seen each other face to face before you get down to business. You can fuck in hotels, cars, or visit each other at home if you trust them enough!

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