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Because there's no shortage of precedence for compact APS-C and M43 cameras. But a decent compact full frame camera is always welcome. Not even hipsters are willing to spend RX1 money on a goofy retro camera with no pedigree Anyway, assuming its fixed-focal-length, fixed-lens, retro-style compact, how many cameras of any sensor size can you name currently for sale in that niche.There's the X100 [email protected] Murdey Retro style is just that--only styling.In this newest video (and at the 20s mark in The Silence of Story), the camera's much smaller. My guess is that it's a digital version of the Electro GSN using a 1" or m4/3 sensor. The first video is undoubtedly a 35 GS, but I cannot find a single example in their back catalogue that looks like the camera in the second video. Come on its pretty marketing bait and you all did bite...If you freeze the video on the camera, it looks just like the GSN, but with a cleaner, more modern design. The placement of the Yashica logo, the slimmer finder windows, what looks like an 'electro35' logo on the bottom right, the very smooth looking lens mousing - It's almost like a CC but with small GS windows. As far as I know they don't make any cameras or anything partly related. Now Yashica is just a name now, the talk of a "big comeback" is a joke and Dpreview surely knows but this site is about click bait now... Yet another camera gear company with a) so little faith in their product they want the users to for the entire bill for development, or b) such a bad business plan they can't get any investors to back it.) & film/slide seems to be staging something of a comeback of late. As the supreme authority on these matters I submit that Yashica stands for only one thing: the twin-lens reflex Yashicamat and Yashicaflex cameras.No one would expect anyone to launch a film camera these days would they??? It's the unprecedented 35mm digital film cartridge that has been promised, attempted and failed on a number of occasions. The cartridge only works with 'chipped' film bodies, supplied solely by Yashica. The 19th century ended ages ago, let's please not revive their primitive one-lens systems. Trade in my Toyota for an ox cart and parade about in hoop skirts? So it's obvious that this "unprecedented" camera will be a digital RF with two interchangeable sensors (think Ricoh GXR)..with a Bayer array for color, and the other without, for monochrome.All unremarkable, except the whole thing starts with this tagline: It looks like Yashica may be making a grand return after all.Hopefully they don't disappoint us after all this teasing.

Unless Yashica decided to manufacture a very thin camera that only looks like a smartphone, which is not very probable... I often wonder if kickstarters result in worse products than those secured under expectation of a decent return in an environment of demanding/discerning [email protected] PTS: as far as I'm aware of Kickstarter and Indie Go Go policies, they transfer money to applicant only when full requested amount is collected, and all overheads, sans their fees.

I'm willing to bet, that's a concept camera. Well one can always sit and wait for results dropping in one's lap then criticise them or actually invest in a product if liking the concept and vision and directly influence preferred things to come.omeneo Film Ferrania is a good example of long term vision of reviving film manufacturing. I'm afraid it's not often you will get such results, on the other hand there have been companies using the investment to build and sell product while not delivering the kicstarter rewards and filing for bankruptcy shortly afterwards. Alternatively they may would like to cater to the audience for which any old technology is a new technology, because that old technology died before their were born or at least of conscious age. Even if they want to cater to this demand, they still haven't secured funding via loan, bond, or stock. They're doing this in the age of RIDICULOUSLY low interest rates.

That or the new [email protected] Karlsson The camera (mock-up? Or actually invest in a product just to see it never being delivered, or being delivered a half-baked product. A camera like I had when young, and a mysterious young girl in black and white like I did for forty-plus years. It revives a long-forgotten mystique, but is there anything behind it in terms of a product I'd buy? For example, they want to resurrect one of their film cameras in the wake of that “analog is cool” hype, and be sure to return the effort of blowing dust off tools, machinery and blueprints. Surely they can show even that low a return on investment to an investor.

Previous iterations of the X100 is still just the X100. Perhaps I should have said "design" rather than style, but frankly for the target market it doesn't really matter.

So my point stands: the X100F is the only similar camera on the market right now. Give them a flat box shape, a silver top plate, black leatherette, and shutter speed \ aperture dials and they'll eat it [email protected] Murdey There are major differences between the various models in the Fujifilm X100 series, and every one of them can still be purchased through Amazon, e Bay and other retailers.

In fact, they said, Yashica was just teasing a clip-on smartphone lens they had already released. The teaser, titled "The Prologue," shows more of the same girl walking around with an old Yashica film camera (maybe?

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