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GOD created us in different geographical locations and becaus of that we have different cultural beliefs.if you have a problem with what other cultures are practicing then you have a problem caus it really doesnt concern of affect you in any way.- TambiĆ©n para los inversores que deseen comerciante el retorno de su [email protected] saludos My name is Elias Siphelele Mashwama born in South Africa but a true swazi born from both swazi parent.I love my king Mswati 3 cos he is so proud of being swazi my wish is this when I die buried in swaziland even though was not born there but I'm proudly swazi God, if there is one created women to be beautiful to the male. Any women who thinks that these lovely happy girls are disgusting, is obviously a fat, droopy titted, slovenly, jealous caucasion and God knows that is most of you and men who say the same are just liars.But in the west we hide all the beauty,because we have been brain washed by religions, so that we are ashamed of having a beautiful female body and ashamed to look at them. Extremely good to see Africans still practicing their culture despite all the...i just love the way you wear it just represent the love that we got.

If anyone of you have any questions then you can ask me 1st hand: [email protected] will answer any question.The ceremony lasts eight days with the King only attending the last day's ceremony.The girls wear coloured tassels and woollen streamers denoting whether they are betrothed or not.I wonder if yuo know your own nationality We swazis do and we have the pictures to prove . You do not know where you come from or where you are going.learn English first then maybe learn respect and culture lastly.Indeed this peoples have showed that they are true africans. honestly speaking am proud of them.congrat my lovely people.

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