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My partner has a 7 year old daughter 100% of the time and qualifies for about 00 in family tax and also child care rebate and rents a place on her own.

We both work full time and earn just under 0,000 each.

Is what they do to hide their assets and income even legitimate ?

Is there somehow a way to start the ato looking into a parent who claims to only earn less than 20 k, owns properties, businesses, pays mortgages, cars, supports his wife and children etc but doesn't receive any support payments for being on a low income and of course paying less than 1$ a day in child support?

" By: Leo on Jan 13, 2014 PM "Just trying to understand I lodge my tax return online using etax.

I qualify for about 00 in family tax benefits and school bonus.Your combined income is taken into account if you don't have private health insurance (an extra 1 per cent Medicare levy is charged if you earn over 0 000 combined) as well as when calculating Family Assistance Office benefits such as the baby bonus, child care rebates and family tax benefits.If you elect to change your name, you can notify the tax office simply by noting it on the front cover of your next return. According to the ATO, the definition of spouse has been extended so that both de facto relationships and registered relationships are now recognised.I work part time and have a salary sacrifice arrangement, whilst my husband earns a much larger income (and pays more tax).Is there any way that he can claim my investment properties off his taxable income instead of me doing so - they are in my name but our finances are joined. Thanks" By: Rachael on Jul 27, 2012 AM "Unfortunately you wil need to claim the rental properties in your income tax return still Rachael as the properties are owned by you.However, spouses are only entitled to one main residence exemption for capital gains tax (CGT) purposes between them.

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