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Trump favors mandatory, nationwide employer use of the controversial electronic E-Verify system.The form, which must be completed within the first three days of each new hire, now carries an 8/31/2019 expiration date. In addition to changes on some fields, the new version is being called the “smart I-9” because the interactive PDF also includes enhanced features to reduce errors and complete the form more easily on computers.This matters because jobs are the main reason foreigners sneak into the United States (or overstay visitor visas).And the large majority of the estimated 11 million illegals work on the books.

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Here’s what to expect in 2017: The Brand New I-9 Starting Jan.That’s the name of the free online system that enables employers to check whether the people they hire are telling the truth about who they are.By entering the name, Social Security number, and date of birth of the new hire — something employers already have to collect — they get an answer in seconds about whether the person is an illegal immigrant or not.Trump has repeatedly spoken about employment being the “magnet” that draws people to this country. Trump has proposed mandating E-Verify for all employers in order to “protect jobs for American workers.” Republicans’ past efforts in Congress to implement mandatory E-Verify have all stalled.But the Trump election may give new life to this idea. The bottom line: 2017 is not the year to leave your I-9, E-Verify and immigration compliance up to chance.This includes drop-down menus for filing in fields, on-screen prompts to potential mistakes and a barcode unique to each form to identify it for audit purposes.

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