Tim wheeler emmy the great dating


This long-awaited official release for Brian Wilson’s unfinished masterpiece from the mid-Sixties is big news.

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The album features Matt Tong from Bloc Party on drums, Euan Hinshelwood (Young Husband, Emmy the Great) on guitar, a string section orchestrated by esteemed film composer Ilan Eskeri, with Tim and Emmy playing everything else.

Listening to these mostly wonderful albums, it’s easy to see why.

Various Phil Spector presents The Philles Album Collection Sony, £27.99 Some of the strongest pre-Beatles pop music, showcased over seven discs, including albums by the Crystals and Bob B Soxx and the Blue Jeans.

On a stage liberally decorated with tinsel and fairy lights, matched by themed dress in the crowd (both Santas and undead), the pair aim for a party vibe, something swiftly achieved thanks to Wheeler’s buzz-pop guitar.

Perceptive fans of the Christmas genre, they exude a glow of warm comfort in familiar styles, especially the Phil Spectorish bubblegum of ‘Marshmallow World’ and the bruised girl-group pout of ‘(Don’t Call Me) Mrs Christmas’.

Those are marshmallow cloud being friendly In the arms of the evergreen trees; And the sun is red like a pumpkin head, It's shining so your nose won't freeze!

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