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The cadets have to clean off the device and remove any malware before the Gray Cell connects onto the servers. Vice President Mike Pence and Clinton campaign manager John Podesta probably don't.

"The threat is real and gets more and more advanced every day.

There wasn't even a sweeping camera shot of all the action.

Instead, four groups of cadets sat around rows of laptops at the ready.

"They're trying to throw us off because every second of blocking these count." The team members' eyes glazed over while watching scores of URLs coming into the servers, a boring but necessary task.There was the Web Services team, to make sure their websites were up and running; the Web and Forums team, which moderates what goes on in their servers; the Network Monitoring team, which stands guard; and the Strike Team, which takes action to combat breaches.The pace picked up a bit as the NSA sent over a task: creating a password restriction in the next two hours.It evolves very rapidly," NSA Red Cell lead Curtis Williams said.The cadets have to prevent the NSA from stealing password tokens, protect their servers from shutdown and block out intruders.They were tasked with building a server and protecting it from breaches by the National Security Agency for a full week.

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