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Bars are supposed to be where you unwind, have a drink and let the day slide off you.They are to make merriment and make friends and make lovers and make amends.Sutter Station is a working class bar somehow still in the heart of downtown San Francisco where Budweiser is always and sometimes people get physically tossed out the back door. Both genders wear North Face fleeces for some reason.

He likes the Oxford comma but can't use it in the newspaper.This week, Ayoob Kara, Israel’s communications minister, promised to shut down Al Jazeera’s broadcasts, revoke press credentials, and close the popular network’s offices in Jerusalem, according to VICE.While Israel has claimed that the well-acclaimed media outlet “supports terrorism” and “incites violence,” the government has offered no evidence of incitement by the news site — or indeed anything beyond factual news reporting.Sometimes the ones with drinking problems dip in for a liquid lunch where they know none of their colleagues will find them, while others hang out far after happy hour drunkenly making friends with people they will ignore when the pass them on the street the next day.Sutter Station attracts all kinds for different reasons.Meanwhile, back on American shores — far from being the bastion of freedom of speech it purports to be — our own country is looking to support Israel in its attempts to restrict free speech.

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