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These individuals probably haven't been on a date since they were in their late 20's or 30's, and are just trying to get back into the dating world now after a long absense.

There are many people like this on our site, people who are searching for someone but unfamiliar or even slightly reluctant about the entire process, so there's no need to feel intimidated.

The Somerby speed daters showed up for many of the same reasons that younger people date. “I want to find a woman who has a convertible,” said another.

One woman was there because she had been “out of the singles circuit for a long time” and wasn’t interested in online dating.

Firestone’s co-organizer was Somerby Sales Director Stephanie Long, who had organized speed dating events at other senior living communities. and Canada, with the theme “Come to mingle and don’t leave single.” The event was held in the Chateau restaurant at Somerby, which served attendees Mimosas, strawberries and chocolate to help break the ice.

So, the event followed the established protocols of speed dating events that have been occurring for 20 years for younger singles throughout the U. Everyone wore a nametag with their first name only.

As to be expected, the response from women was immediate and positive.

Based on the comments at the end, the event was a success – and proof that the human longing for love and companionship has no age limit.“We’re in a vibrant active senior community with lots of budding relationships happening and decided it would be nice to help other seniors in the area connect,” said Somerby Community Liaison Jodi Firestone.“Often, they’re widows or widowers and are lonely.” The event, intended for ten women and ten men ages 70 and up, was promoted through social media to seniors and veterans and through neighborhood churches, synagogues and senior centers.Ever heard of the saying "You're as young as you feel" Well, this quote is true, especially when it comes to mature dating.It can be difficult to enter back into the dating scene when when you're older, you might get it in your head that you're too old now to go to bars crowded with young people, but forget what others think.“I didn’t want to come,” said one woman, “but it was better than I had expected.” “Can we be done now? “I’ve already found someone.” Ideally, every dater ended up with someone, if only just a friend, because the event co-sponsor, Atlanta Jewish Family and Career Services, Senior Division, had representatives there to introduce their buddy program called “One Good Deed.” Daters who were interested in having a buddy were matched to JF&CS volunteers.

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