Accidentally dating a satanist

Ling explored how Satanist feminists Shiva Honey and Jex Blackmore entered a crisis pregnancy center to record conversations and expose them.The CNN personality didn't report that Blackmore was the toast of feminist bloggers for creating a blog called Unmother, chronicling and celebrating her own RU486 abortion on Thanksgiving Day. I blame any religion thinks that they can dictate not only our marital laws but who you love.Brizzi — who, jurors were told, was “obsessed” with the show “Breaking Bad” and believes in the devil — got the idea to dissolve Semple’s body using acid after watching the American crime drama, prosecutors said. Satan told me to.” Brizzi had admitted to obstructing a coroner by dismembering and disposing of the body, UK media reported.

When cops showed up, they found Brizzi wearing only sunglasses and underwear, as well as something more disturbing — a bath full of acid with “globules of flesh” floating around, the jury was told.Ling's stars of the week were the leaders of a "Satanic Temple" based in Detroit.Within four minutes, CNN was promoting a bitter young man named Michael Mars whose idea of recreation in his bedroom was spraying fake blood into the face of a statue of the mother of Jesus. "I personally like to water my statue of the Virgin Mary."Ling only asked if it was fake blood (yes), and then, how did it feel to offend on national TV: "I just wonder how it feels to deride so many of these significant figures and items in the Christian world." Mars claimed "I keep my beliefs in my bedroom" ... Liberals who mock the "war on Christmas," take note. Ling found that these folks weren't really believers in Satan, just fans of his literary image as a "liberator" from Christian dogma.A crystal meth-using Satanist strangled and dismembered a police officer he met through a gay dating app, and tried to dissolve the body in a bath of acid — a technique he learned by watching his favorite TV show, “Breaking Bad,” a London jury was told.Stefano Brizzi, 50, a former Morgan Stanley computer programmer, is accused of heinously murdering Officer PC Gordon Semple, 59, in Brizzi’s south London home on April 1.This isn't putting "Happy Holidays" on the front of your catalog. Now imagine CNN devoting an hour to the mockers of Muhammad in the midst of Ramadan, as they spray an image of Muhammad with fake blood. She explained it as an anti-religion religion whose "main mission is to fight against church dominance in the public sphere."That must make it OK.

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