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Family, friends, church, work and hobbies all have important roles in life.Healthy couples continue to invest in their relationships with friends and family members and don't let their love interest dominate their social calendar.Most of us applaud couples of any age or in any season of life who endeavor to go slowly in their relationships, because we understand that this commitment is both admirable and respectful.As my husband and I mentor 20-somethings on a weekly basis, we find ourselves constantly telling couples: "When you think you are going slow, ?So, if you know that marriage realistically cannot happen for another three years, then the pace in your relationship should match your timeline.Too many couples speed through the first couple months of dating, and then have to slow their pace for the remaining years of dating — and this is rarely enjoyable.It is wise for dating couples to take it slowly for several reasons.First, it gives each person in the relationship room to breathe and to enjoy dating without the pressure of getting too serious too quickly.

Naturally, your pace in the first months of dating should be much slower than your pace during engagement.Do other things need to happen before you can even consider marriage?Things like graduating from college, getting a job, paying off some debt, being independent from Mom and Dad, or experiencing more personal growth?Mature communication should naturally flow into conversations about expectations and boundaries.DTR conversations are successful when the "So, now what? It would be good to have specific expectations and boundaries that are agreed upon.These insecurities can cause couples to rush through the stages of dating just to get to a place where they feel loved and needed.

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