Padraig lenihan consolidating conquest


Small private plantation by wealthy landowners began in 1606, while the official plantation began in 1609.Most of the land colonised was forfeited from the native Gaelic chiefs, many of whom had fled Ireland for mainland Europe in 1607 following the Nine Years' War against English rule in Ireland.

Most of the colonists came from Scotland and England.I, too, was taught the horror story that the entire population was wiped out there and at Wexford. It was the indiscriminate slaughter of women and children that bothered me most.Incredibly, the first document I consulted was the only one that was missed by almost all other Cromwellian scholars – Drogheda’s municipal records of 1649.Peter Gaunt wrote: ‘I am broadly sympathetic towards, and in agreement with, the line that you take’.And although John Morrill has cast (justifiable) aspersions on my methodology, he writes: History has a habit of not going away in Ireland, as the Irish know to their cost. Surely it is the obligation of those early modern experts who preside over the Irish educational system to set the records straight and introduce a sense of balance.The inflammatory title had the flexibility to infuriate the diehard nationalist and intrigue the steadfast loyalist.

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