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There are so many restaurants with gluten-free menu items, so be sure to list them in your profile if you have a gluten intolerance. If your date thinks you’re high maintenance or can’t handle your food intolerance issues, it’s a red flag that your date could potentially not be at your side for something even more serious or life-threatening down the line.

Everyone has issues and deal breakers when it comes to dating. Others prefer to date vegans or those who don’t have a diet that includes red meat.

Remember to listen and to be interested in your date rather than only spending time talking about yourself.

Smile and if you feel a connection, make it a goal to put a second date on the calendar, where both of you can be more relaxed.

Take a look at some of the newest comics by Catana and be prepared to relate.

When creating your profile, list your favorite food and hot spots that you’d like to go on a date to that have a gluten-free or free-from menu.

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By letting go, you keep the memories and open yourself to finding a partner who is single and available. What makes it more difficult is that you cannot imagine finding an available partner who you will love deeply, and so you hold on to a partner you love and who is not available.I have been seeing a woman that was my first and only love.She is currently married and we recently had a falling out.Ask The Cyber-Dating Expert is a weekly dating advice radio show where we marry love and technology to help singles looking for love online.Guests include online dating sites, bestselling relationship authors, dating experts, and listeners who share their cyber dating stories.You can do this by saying to her, "I love you and always will, but I will not continue to put your happiness above my own.

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