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For instance, the Red Deer Cave people had long, broad and tall frontal lobes like modern humans.

"We still don't have one that most of us agree upon." "I think the evidence is slightly weighted towards the Red Deer Cave people representing a new evolutionary line," Curnoe said.

Carbon dating, a technique that estimates the radioactive decay of carbon in samples of charcoal found with the fossils helped establish their age.

The charcoal also showed they knew how to use fire.

[Photos of the Red Deer Cave People] The fossil specimens of the possibly new human species were uncovered in 1989 by miners quarrying limestone at Maludong or Red Deer Cave near the city of Mengzi in southwest China. Shown here, Darren Curnoe (right) and Andy Herries (left) excavating at Maludong in 2008.

"They clearly had a taste for venison, with evidence they cooked these large deer in the cave," Curnoe said.

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