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Next, we will discuss the reasons why men and women are currently using Internet and social media.

On occasion, when no studies were available for a given country, we were forced to rely on popular magazine and newspaper articles.

We suspect that currently most scholars underrate their popularity and ubiquity in this area of the world.

A second goal is to provide some ideas as to the impact of the burgeoning social media on the world of tomorrow in the Middle East.

Yet, throughout this part of the world there is great diversity in religion (ranging from Baha’i, Christianity, Judaism, Mandeanism, Shabakism, Unitarian Druze, Yarsan, Yazdånism, Zoroastrianism, and more, to Islam in its many varieties: Middle East ).

There is diversity in ethnicity, economic status (ranging from 3,000 GDP per capita in Qatar to ,500 GD in Yemen and the Gaza Strip), in age of Internet users, levels of education, and the like (Middle East ).

They are media for social interaction (Cohen Today, throughout the world, Internet access is ubiquitous.

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