Tamara 54 ago poltava dating


Also write the complete name and home address (necessarily correctly). I shall go now to make out holiday from my job and I shall wait for your letter. I regret to say that I am a scan and financial fraud victim of Mariya Nizovtseva.

I with pleasure to speak with you on the phone, but unfortunately at me it(him) is not present.YES, I KNOW THIS WOMAN SHE IS MY FIANCE, YANA CHIRUKHINA FROM ZAPOROZHYE, UKRAINE.THERE HAVE DEFINETLY BEEN SOME STRANGE THINGS GOING ON THIS WEEK AND I AM NOT YET SURE WHERE THE TRUTH LIES.Probably thought I would be re-assured not being scammed and would think of something else not receiving mails anymore.The way she put it wasn't gross or obvious and obviously from the post-scamming mails (received 2) she doesn't want any waves.She sounded very bubbly but clean: home adress, phone number, parents who hanged on the phone, and spoke good English and and some German - she presented herself as a language student in English/German.

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