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But you had no idea we were anything other than white-bread ordinary. Violation of this means loss of trust and we never play again." "Huh, okay..." "My safeword has always been 'Hudson'." "Why? It was important that we keep everything quite confidential. " "Frank took photos and videos of me, and one or two other... I'm pretty sure that they are on his computer But I can't find them. You know more about computers than I do, can you find and delete any compromising pictures? Some contained pics of the two of them having sex or using dildos and stuff. Judging by the file size I figured that it was probably video files. I had met her on a few occasions and she always seemed nice, straight and plain. When she finished, I could tell she had been crying.

What you walked in on must've been quite a shock." "Well that is an understatement." Aunt Vi laughed. " "No real reason, it's just easy to remember." "What about pain? " "No, I'm not into pain as such, although physical discomfort often occurs we keep it reasonable. There were some other people I didn't recognize in some of them. But in the video, her tattoos and piercings were clearly shown and she used a strap-on to screw Aunt Vi with gusto. When I later checked all of the files and been deleted, but she hadn't emptied the trash folder. I awoke later that night with the feeling that I wasn't alone. She spooned up behind me and I was startled to feel her skin against mine.

Until then you can do anything you want." "Anything? " "Because you are my sexy Aunt and I want to watch you sucking my cock like a cheap whore..." She opened her mouth and began sucking me. I sucked on those big nipples and Aunt Vi continued to beg and plead.

" I shoved my hand down below her mound and found her pussy. I fingered her for a while and then brought my wet hand to my face and sucked on them. Please don't" I smeared the wetness on her mouth and repeated the action several more times until her face was covered in her fluids. It had to be the events and sights of the past few days. " "Yes." "Okay..." I rolled over onto my back and grabbed her by the hair. She played the reluctant role and would stop and beg every few minutes. I started rubbing her pussy as she whimpered and cried and begged me to stop. I drove my middle two fingers into her and she yelped. She cried as I drove my cock all the way deep into her. She lay there beneath me with her eyes shut and breathing hard and I knew that this was what she wanted. He served locally as a Chief on the small town fire department. She was much younger than Uncle Frank at only 39 at the time of this story. She possessed an amazing voluptuous figure that of course I fantasized about as I masturbated. Uncle Frank was on the floor and Aunt Vi in bed or actually tied to the bed. Finally I wrapped her in a blanket and freed her, then forcibly carried her to my room where I called 911.

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