Dating israel absolutely


Israeli leaders put the conflict at nearly 100 years old, dating it to anti-Jewish riots in the 1920s, and Trump’s addition “of more,” which did not appear in the prepared remarks, was likely meant as a nod to them.

But the “nearly half a century” remark explicitly marked in the written speech would seem to imply that the White House believes an Israeli withdrawal from the territories captured 50 years ago would be the key to ending the conflict.

I note that year as the start of the armed struggle against Zionism; we are approaching 100 years.” And just a month ago, President Reuven Rivlin told diplomats from Denmark and Costa Rica that “we have lost 100 years,” when speaking about solving the conflict with the Palestinians.

(AFP/ MANDEL NGAN) Did Donald Trump adapt the Palestinian narrative on the source of the Israeli-Arab conflict?“Clearly, the conflict predates 1967 by many decades,” he told The Times of Israel on Wednesday.“The cause of the conflict, however, remains unchanged: the unwillingness of the Palestinians to accept a Jewish state in any borders.” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office did not reply to a Times of Israel query on this matter.In North America, a pedestrian waits for the traffic signal to turn green and he crosses. Israeli streets on the other hand are usually composed of multiple increments so pedestrians can look forward to crossing one segment and getting held up by the other two. At crossing one, why not try Messiah’s Nuts and at crossing two, how about Goliath’s Gobstoppers. He’s wearing approximately twelve layers, standing in the scorching hot sun, and not a bead of sweat. Well in Israel, you’ll have to quench your thirst on some rugelach and challah. Itzik, I know your air conditioning wasn’t “broken.” Every taxi driver’s air conditioner in Jerusalem can’t be broken at the same time! Why can’t you guys just let us have a few minutes of cool down while you drive us to the old city? Israel is a small country in the Middle East where water is scarce.When I was in Israel it was 35 degrees Celsius (95 F) and I was sun burned and perspiring like a geyser. If this is not a proof of God’s existence I don’t know what is. Shoes and socks in the summer are a recipe for sweaty feet. Not surprisingly, conserving water is a patriotic act.Nonetheless, I took pictures of a few of those “quirks” and now I’m sharing them with you. In Canada where I’m from, I take the bus occasionally and the drivers seem quite preoccupied with their schedules, their routes, you know, bus driver stuff. For those of you who don’t speak Hebrew, this store is called “Pitzuchei Mashiach” or “Messiah’s Nuts.” I’m no Israeli marketing expert but I suppose what this is supposed to imply is that these nuts are so tasty that even the Messiah will want to eat them.

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