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There is a minimum requirement of 16 hours a week for 10 weeks.Successful past projects have included: researching anti-bullying and nondiscrimination policies in public schools across North Texas, and comparing and contrasting partner benefits offered by governmental bodies in several states.With that out of the way, let’s check out the standings as we approach the half-way mark of the season!Our current standings: Eastern Division – Chickabos (5-0) Titan’s Banana Hammock (4-1) Balamb T-Rexaurs (2-3) Melusine Marauders (2-3) Red Wings (0-5) Western Division – Super Senpai Megaforce (5-0) Edelweiss Avengers (4-1) Verminion Lords (2-3) El Negro Grande (1-4) Beem Bo USA (0-5) This week’s match-ups after the jump! Week 5 of the season is in the books so now we turn our eyes forward to week 6.

To fulfill an internship position you must submit a resume with an outline plan for a specific project.

Your partner loves fitness and yoga, and you like drinking beer. Visit The Collective Brewing for amazing yoga classes. It doesn’t really matter if you are already driving for a long time or you’re just the beginners.

Don’t worry, it won’t be too hard if you never did it before. After learning the basics you’d be able to race as professionals.

There is a minimum requirement of 16-hours per week for 10 weeks.

Resumes are accepted two months prior to your start date.

To fulfill an internship position, submit a resume with an outline for a specific project.

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