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She instructed me to lather myself in oil to create that trademark Kardashian glow. ) and promptly forgot, a mistake that came back to haunt me during my subsequent photo op.I blamed my lady-in-waiting, telling her that Kim probably has somebody to do the oiling up for her.Even the two-block walk to the Beekman Hotel, where I had strategically scheduled my date, evoked an eerie déjà vu.There the they were—the stares, the winks, the head-to-toe evaluations—all that unnecessary sexual attention I had shaken off at the same time that my confidence had learned to exist independently.

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Coincidentally, this is the same ex who used to routinely complain about me looking like “a bum in a beanie.” Boy, was I about to show him!We both agreed that I had nailed down Kim’s look, yet I didn’t really feel like her.Rather than exuding femininity or sensuality or any other Kim-esque qualities, I felt more like the mid-20s version of myself, ready to head out to (the original) Bungalow 8 and tap into whatever debauchery the night had in store.The hotel bar inside was packed, which turned out to be no obstacle for the Kim K. Four men immediately stepped aside to allot me a generous stretch of bar space, a courtesy I had to pay for by price of blatant ogling, a fresh reminder of that animalistic male side that is so easy to avoid when one is dressed in a blouse and a pair of jeans.My date texted me to inform me that he had arrived.While I have long since outgrown lace shorts and leather miniskirts and leering stares, this doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t occasionally look sexy in the way that suits me—just like Kim Kardashian West does so in ways that suit her.

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