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Information and event schedule: Website: Annual event held in July.Fiddlers from the East Coast as well local talent from the Evangeline Region. Campsites with RV hookups, washrooms, showers and food service are on site!Located at the southwestern reach of Acadia National Park in Bass Harbor, the light guards the southern entrance of Blue Hill Bay and warns against Bass Harbor Bar.The light is still fully operational, signaling an occulting red four seconds—three red flashes, one second of darkness.The oldest light in the area, Baker Island Light (1828), along with Winter Harbor Light, have been replaced with lighted offshore buoys.All these great old lighthouses can be viewed and photographed on boat tours that reveal their incredible and storied histories.

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Cow horns filled with fresh organic manure from lactating cows.

This scenic drive takes you from Summerside to the most Western end of PEI.

The Centre Goéland is situated in the Evangeline Region (La Région Évangéline), a coastal area rich in natural scenery and Acadian culture.

Visitors may tour the grounds at Bass Harbor Head, but not the lighthouse itself.

Five other nearby lighthouses with island settings from Blue Hill Bay to Frenchman Bay signal mariners with flashing lights and fog blasts to keep them safe in foul weather.

One indisputable truth that every generation of winemakers learns and relearns, is that the finest wines come from the finest vineyards, grown and nurtured by farmers and viticulturists respectful of the land’s particular gifts and energies. So for the best stewards of those sites, we use the term “winegrowers” — just as we do for great artisan winemakers with deeply intuitive ties to their vines and their best soils.

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