John gray dating

From first look and first date to first fight, breaking up and making up, the world of dating can be a minefield for the unprepared.

International relationship guru, John Gray turns his expertise to the language and behaviour of dating couples.

Here, John and Aventer talk girls and relationships with the teenagers they've taken under their wing.

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A woman needs a man who will make her feel special, unique and secure.

“She needs to feel that he adores, cares for, understands, and respects her so much that he will always be there for her,” writes Dr. A Martian, therefore, needs to understand better how Venusians think, act, behave, and speak; otherwise a Martian will misinterpret his favorite Venusian.

This knowing is not in any way dependent on a long list of reasons or qualifications. When the right person comes along you ‘just know,’ and you spend the rest of your life discovering why he or she is the right person…A soul mate is someone who has the unique ability to bring out the best in us.For the past couple of years, John and Aventer have held a Teen Weekend to help mentor four boys who are all close family friends.As they offer guidance to the boys, the couple can't help but tease the teens on the topic of dating.7) “If he can respect her, then he is worthy of her” (p 59).8) “By deliberately putting forth his energy and attention to fulfill a woman’s romantic needs long after a woman has accepted him, a man trains himself to experience that the little romantic gestures of dating are not just to win a woman over but are actually required and necessary to sustain her responsiveness” (p 70).For instance, on Mars when Martians apologize that usually ends the entire discussion and the Martians shake hands, slap each other on the back and go have a beer and all is forgotten. If a Martian has the knowledge and skills and knows about the customs and practices of his favorite Venusian, he sits and listens and helps her explore her emotions and learns why he should be sorry and he should quite possibly be taking notes so he doesn’t make the same mistake in the future.

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